Cloxacillin sodium

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cloxacillin in impetigo

how does cloxacillin help in bacterial infections like impetigo?? is it the best prescibed antibiotic for severe impetigo??? if not what is the best antibiotic needed for severe case of impetigo???
by dr smita in singapore, 09/11/2006

Re: Dosage of Cloxacillin sodium

my baby's pedia gave her cloxacillin sodium 125mg/5ml , her dosage is 3.75ml. is it the right dosage bcoz my baby is 7.35 kilos and age 6 mos. only? response please... tnx....
by michelle in cavite, philippines, 08/13/2006

rash and Cloxacillin sodium

I got a rash after using a different shampoo but it dissappeared after a few hours. the next day the same thing happened. on the third day i woke up with a rash all over my neck, shoulders, and a little bit on my face. they are little red bumps but th...
by kailey in Vancouver, BC, 10/04/2006

Dosage of the drug.

Could Cloxacillin 500 mg. be taken after meal?
by Santisuk Bulyalert in Bangkok, Thailand, 03/31/2009

how long are the cloxacillin good for after getting them?

just wondering how long can i hold on to this med and can be use on a later date?  
by stacy in stockholm sask. canada, 10/02/2007

Cloxacillin sodium
Cloxacillin sodium
Cloxacillin sodium
(klox-ah- SILL-in)
Pregnancy Category: B Apo-Cloxi Cloxapen Novo-Cloxin Nu-CLoxi Orbenin Taro-Cloxacillin (Rx)

Classification: Antibiotic, penicillin

See Also: See also Anti-Infectives and Penicillins .

Action/Kinetics: Penicillinase resistant and acid stable. Peak plasma levels: 7-15 mcg/mL after 30-60 min. t 1/2: 30 min. Protein binding: 95%. Well absorbed from GI tract. Mostly excreted in urine, but some excreted in bile.

Uses: Infections caused by penicillinase-producing staphylococci, including pneumococci, group A beta-hemolytic streptococci, and penicillin G-sensitive and penicillin G-resistant staphylococci.

How Supplied: Capsule: 250 mg, 500 mg; Powder for Reconstitution: 125 mg/5 mL when reconstituted

?Capsules, Oral Solution Skin and soft tissue infections, mild to moderate URTIs.
Adults and children over 20 kg: 250 mg q 6 hr; pediatric, less than 20 kg: 50 mg/kg/day in divided doses q 6 hr.
Lower respiratory tract infections or disseminated infections.
Adults and children over 20 kg: 500 mg q 6 hr; pediatric, less than 20 kg: 100 mg/kg/day in divided doses q 6 hr. Alternatively, a dose of 50-100 mg/kg/day (up to a maximum of 4 g/day) divided q 6 hr may be used for infants and children.

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Cloxacillin sodium

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Terri Day, Nova Scotia Canada - 05/22/2012

I am not sure if tjis is a side effect or not,but since taking it, I have noticed Increased swelling to my l. leg up to the knee.It is very hard & painful to the touch.I had the bones fused in my r. foot in Dec. & had problems healing due to R.S.D. Compared to my r. leg it's huge. Can anyone answer this question? Thank you Terri Leah Day