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Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
(klor-dye- AYZ-eh- POX-eyed)
Pregnancy Category: D Apo-Chlordiazepoxide Corax Libritabs Librium Lipoxide Mitran Novo-Poxide Reposans-10 (C-IV) (Rx)

Classification: Antianxiety agent, benzodiazepine

See Also: See also Tranquilizers, Antimanic Drugs, and Hypnotics .

Action/Kinetics: Onset: PO, 30-60 min; IM, 15-30 min (absorption may be slow and erratic); IV, 3-30 min. Peak plasma levels (PO): 0.5-4 hr. Duration: t 1/2: 5-30 hr. Is metabolized to four active metabolites: desmethylchlordiazepoxide, desmethyldiazepam, oxazepam, and demoxepam. Has less anticonvulsant activity and is less potent than diazepam.

Uses: Anxiety, acute withdrawal symptoms in chronic alcoholics. Sedative-hypnotic. Preoperatively to reduce anxiety and tension. Tension headache. Antitremor agent (PO). Antipanic (parenteral).

Additional Side Effects: Jaundice, acute hepatic necrosis, hepatic dysfunction.

Laboratory Test Alterations: 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids, 17-ketosteroids, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, serum transaminase, porphobilinogen. PT (clients on Coumarin).

How Supplied: Capsule: 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg; Powder for injection: 100 mg

?Capsules, Tablets Anxiety and tension.
Adults: 5-10 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d. (up to 20-25 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d. in severe cases). Reduce dose to 5 mg b.i.d.-q.i.d. in geriatric or debilitated clients. Pediatric, over 6 years, initial, 5 mg b.i.d.-q.i.d. May be increased to 10 mg b.i.d.-q.i.d.
Adults: 5-10 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d. on day before surgery.
Alcohol withdrawal/sedative-hypnotic.
Adults: 50-100 mg; may be increased to 300 mg/day; then, reduce to maintenance levels.
?IM, IV (not recommended for children under 12 years) Acute/severe agitation, anxiety.
Initial: 50-100 mg; then, 25-50 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d.
Adults: 50-100 mg IM 1 hr before surgery.
Alcohol withdrawal.
Adults: 50-100 mg IM or IV; repeat in 2-4 hr if necessary. Dosage should not exceed 300 mg/day.
Adults, initial: 50-100 mg; dose may be repeated in 4-6 hr if needed.

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