Cefotaxime sodium

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i.v and i.m cefotaxime

i ask if the cefotaixme for i.m injection is the same power for i.v injection ? or the molcuer weight is different ? or just the difference at the solvent ??
by mohamed in egypt, 05/27/2006

Cefotaxime sodium
Cefotaxime sodium (Claforan)
Cefotaxime sodium
(sef-oh- TAX-eem)
Pregnancy Category: B Claforan (Rx)

Classification: Cephalosporin, third-generation

See Also: See also Anti-Infectives and Cephalosporins .

Action/Kinetics: t 1/2: 1 hr. Peak serum levels after 1 g IV: 42-102 mcg/mL. 60% excreted unchanged in the urine.

Uses: (1) Infections of the GU tract, lower respiratory tract (including pneumonia), skin, skin structures, bones, joints, and CNS (including ventriculitis and meningitis). (2) Intra-abdominal infections (including peritonitis), gynecologic infections (including endometritis, pelvic cellulitis, pelvic inflammatory disease), septicemia, bacteremia, and prophylaxis in surgery. Used with aminoglycosides for gram-positive or gram-negative sepsis where the causative agent has not been identified.
The IV route is preferable for clients with severe or life-threatening infections; for clients after surgery; or for those manifesting malnutrition, trauma, malignancy, heart failure, or diabetes, especially if shock is present or possible.

How Supplied: Injection: 1 g/50 mL, 2 g/50 mL; Powder for injection: 500 mg, 1 g, 2 g, 10 g

?IV, IM Uncomplicated infections.
Adults: 1 g q 12 hr.
Moderate to severe infections.
Adults: 1-2 g q 8 hr.
Adults, IV: 2 g q 6-8 hr, not to exceed 12 g/day.
Life-threatening infections.
Adults, IV: 2 g q 4 hr, not to exceed 12 g/day.
Adults, IM: Single dose of 1 g for rectal gonorrhea in males. IM: Single dose of 0.5 g for rectal gonorrhea in females or gonococcoal urethritis/cervicitis in males and females.
Preoperative prophylaxis.
Adults: 1 g 30-90 min prior to surgery.
Cesarean section.
IV: 1 g when the umbilical cord is clamped; then, give 1 g 6 and 12 hr after the first dose.
Use in children.
Pediatric, 1 month to 12 years, IM, IV: 50-180 mg/kg/day in four to six divided doses; 1-4 weeks, IV: 50 mg/kg q 8 hr; 0-1 week, IV: 50 mg/kg q 12 hr. NOTE: Use adult dose in children 50 kg or over.
Use in impaired renal function.
If C CR is less than 20 mL/min/1.73m 2, reduce the dose by 50%. If only serum creatinine is available, use the following formulas to calculate C CR:
Males: Weight (kg) x (140-age) / 72 x serum creatinine (mg/dL).
Females: 0.85 x above value.

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