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Calfactant (Infasurf)
(kal- FAK-tant) Infasurf (Rx)

Classification: Lung surfactant

Action/Kinetics: Lung surfactant which contains phospholipids, neutral lipids, and hydrophobic surfactant-associated proteins B and C from calf lungs. Calfactant modifies alveolar surface tension thus stabilizing alveoli. Adsorbs rapidly to the surface of the air:liquid interface and modifies surface tension similarly to natural lung surfactant. Treatment often rapidly improves oxygenation and lung compliance.

Uses: Prevention and treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants.

Special Concerns: For endotracheal use only. An increased proportion of clients with both intraventricular hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia may be seen. These were not associated with increased mortality.

Side Effects: Cyanosis, airway obstruction, bradycardia, reflux of surfactant into the endotracheal tube, requirement for manual ventilation, reintubation.

How Supplied: Suspension, intratracheal: 35 mg phospholipids/mL

?Intratracheal suspension Prophylaxis of respiratory distress syndrome at birth.
Instill 3 mL/kg of birth weight as soon as possible after birth. Give as 2 doses of 1.5 mL/kg each. Care and stabilization of the premature infant born with hypoxemia or bradycardia should precede calfactant therapy.
Treatment of respiratory distress syndrome within 72 hr of birth.
Instill 3 mL/kg of birth weight, given as 2 doses of 1.5 mL/kg. Repeat doses of 3 mL/kg of birth weight may be given, up to a total of 3 doses 12 hr apart.

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