Calcium gluceptate

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Calcium gluceptate
(Calcium glucoheptonate)

Calcium gluceptate
Calcium glucoheptonate
Calcium gluceptate
( KAL-see-um GLUE-sep-tayt)
Pregnancy Category: C (Rx)

Classification: Calcium salt

See Also: See also Calcium Salts .

Uses: Mild hypocalcemia due to neonatal tetany, tetany due to parathyroid deficiency or vitamin D deficiency, and alkalosis. Prophylaxis of hypocalcemia during exchange transfusions. Intestinal malabsorption. To replenish electrolytes. Antihypermagnesemic.

Special Concerns: Give only IM to infants and children in emergency situations when the IV route is not possible.

How Supplied: Injection: 220 mg /mL

?IM Hypocalcemia.
Adults and children: 0.44-1.1 g.
?IV Hypocalcemia.
Adults: 1.1-4.4 g given slowly at a rate not exceeding 36 mg calcium ion/min (2 mL/min). Pediatric, IV: 0.44-1.1 g; give as a single dose at a rate not to exceed 36 mg calcium ion/min.
Adults: 1.2-2.4 g given slowly at a rate not to exceed 36 mg calcium ion/min.
Exchange transfusions in newborns.
0.11 g after every 100 mL blood exchanged.
NOTE: The elemental calcium content is 8.2% and there is 82 mg calcium/g (4.1 mEq/g).

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