Butoconazole nitrate

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Butoconazole nitrate
Butoconazole nitrate (Femstat)
Butoconazole nitrate
(byou-toe- KON-ah-zohl)
Pregnancy Category: C Femstat 1 (Rx) Femstat 3 (OTC)

Classification: Antifungal agent

Action/Kinetics: By permeating chitin in the fungal cell wall, butoconazole increases membrane permeability to intracellular substances, leading to reduced osmotic resistance and viability of the fungus. Approximately 5.5% of drug is absorbed following vaginal administration; plasma. t 1/2: 21-24 hr.

Uses: Vulvovaginal fungal infections caused by Candida species.

Contraindications: Use during first trimester of pregnancy.

Special Concerns: Pediatric dosage has not been established. Use with caution during lactation.

Side Effects: GU: Vaginal burning, vulvar burning or itching, discharge; soreness, swelling, and itching of the fingers.

How Supplied: Vaginal cream: 2%

?Vaginal Cream (2%) During pregnancy, second and third trimesters only.
One full applicator (about 5 g) of the cream intravaginally at bedtime for 6 days.
One full applicator (about 5 g) intravaginally at bedtime for 3 days (if necessary, may be used for up to 6 days). NOTE: Vaginal infections may also be treated by one dose of butoconazole.

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